Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to reduce tummy

How to reduce tummy

Doing too much struggle while putting your shirt buttons in place?

According to recent research be it a person with a normal weight having belly fat or an overweight person with a big tummy – both are at a severe risk. The increment of mass near your waist more than your hip area pushes you towards an ocean of diseases. A big tummy is a threat to your metabolism and you shouldn’t ignore it. It’s time to say goodbye to your worrisome apple shaped tummy and get rid of the ‘Nutritional Overachiever’ tag following few easy steps.

• Protein, Protein and Protein – Protein-rich diets are the all time favorite of fitness freaks and experts. Protein intake controls your hunger and boosts your metabolism. It is the first and the most important step you can take while proceeding towards your ‘Mission Flat Tummy’.

• Fiber-Rich Foods – Fibers with adhesive and solubility properties are considered to be miraculous for fat reduction. When the digestion process is slowed down, you feel less hunger and your diet plan is one the right track.

• Regular Exercise – Doing exercise on a regular basis bestows you with a long and healthy life. Jogging, crunches, cycling, rolling plank and few other exercises works wonders for abdominal obesity.

• Keep An Eye On Your Diet – Regular tracking of diet may help you understand the reasons for your big tummy and the everyday progress. How much you eat is as important as what you eat to reduce the abdominal obesity. Consult a dietician and adjust your everyday breakfast, lunch, and dinner accordingly.

• Trim back Sodium – Excess Sodium intake causes the retention of water. Reducing the amount of salt may help you fight the retention process effectively.

• Close Your Doors For Stress and Anxiety – Wondering about the stress-tummy link? Well, excess stress boosts the formation of cortisol hormone that encourages the accumulation of extra fat near your tummy. Stay tension-free and welcome fitness in your life.

• Say No To Starch and Sugar – Cutting down the sugar and starch intake helps your body form lesser insulin or a balanced amount of insulin which boosts the burning of extra fat accumulated in your body.

These easy to follow steps have proven benefits for big tummies. These steps will not only prepare your body to accept fitness but also gear up your mind to believe that you can indeed lose that extra fat near your tummy. Its showtime!

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